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The appearance of disability is a force that changes the history of art and our perception of the world. A disability is an aesthetic value in itself
-Tobin Siebers

Being Collage of a girl with down syndrome
Ina Arends artist

the illusion of our bizarre ideal image

In our twisted reality, where much that is supposedly 'deviant' is filtered out, visual artist Ina Arends uses her collages to search for a new visual culture that does more justice to the diversity of people. By focusing on neurodiversity, disability and intellectual disability in her works, she cuts through our idealized illusion about who we are like a surgeon. She turns the so-called 'deviation' into the norm. She focuses on the awareness of our wealth that arises precisely from our differences, instead of the illusion of our bizarre ideal image that only leads to disappointment and misunderstanding.

Ina's inspiration ignited through a year of intensive work with people with physical, intellectual, cognitive and hearing disabilities.


If everyone is different, then the disabled person is equal to everyone else.

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